Ahegao Pervert Collage iPhone Google Pixel 2 Case | Rowlingcase

Ahegao Pervert Collage Google Pixel 2 Case | Rowlingcase

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This case provides a protective yet stylish shield to your iPhone Google Pixel 2 from accidental drops and scratches. With slim and lightweight profile, make sure you will get good experience in your hand. The image is fully printed on aluminum inlay attached to the case. Available in Hard case (Plastic).
Please note: Textures such as glitter, leather, wood, marble and linen are not real, they are a print.

  • Hard / Plastic case provides good protection from impacts and drops,
  • Also gives glossy appearance.
  • Color only available in black,
  • Has high flexibility and also fully cover to all buttons Finished with protective glossy coating for image clarity and durability,
  • Easy access to all buttons, functions, and ports.